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Property Taxation - Representatives
NewValue Ltd. is a provider of certified and credentialed property valuation, consulting, analytic, and authorized agency services to cover the needs of property owners, taxpayers, and lending providers.  Services include compliance with reporting requirements.

Hiring a consultant brings a greater return to your bottom line and "may well be worth the cost". Dallas Business Journal

Our unique dual point service plan provides you with two points of contact who are active participants during the appeal representation process.
Corporate Cost Reduction Services (CCR)
The ability to reduce costs is as important as the ability to increase sales. CCR provides the practical, long-term solution for reducing the outlay for regularly purchased goods and services.

Increase your bottom line with our cost reduction

strategies.  Purchase more effectively, and save with our risk-free pay for performance value plan. There is no risk to you.

Property Appraisals
Our fee based appraisal services range from residential to machinery and equipment appraisals for a wide range of purposes.